I am a photographer and retoucher based in Moss, Norway. I was born in 1975, I am married and have two daughters. I’m into photography, Photoshop, travel, guitar, Manchester United and sci-fi/adventure movies and TV series.

Here’s some info about how I work, how I learned, what gear I use etc.

In March 2007 I decided to learn how to manipulate pictures using Photoshop. My goal was to learn for about three years and then get a job within retouching. Later that same year I bought myself a Canon 40D and a Canon 24-70mm lens and started taking photographs of what I needed to manipulate pictures. I also started to photograph people, which got my attention on light/flashes and I was hooked. It’s still 2007. I upgraded my goal from getting a job within retouching to working as a freelance photographer and retoucher like I do today. I have done that since 2009, but never full time. I could work full time doing photography, but I don’t want to. Why? I have a part time job working for an IT company that basically lets me work from wherever and whenever I can. That way I have fixed salary each month and can work with my photography when I want to, as long as there is work coming my way. I love having it like this.

How I learned Photoshop:
I studied Photoshop from my living room almost every day for about 3 years from March 2007, and I still learn new stuff from time to time. The main source was through lynda.com and the authors Deke McClelland and Chris Orwig.

How I learned about photography and flashes:
I looked at behind the scenes images and videos online. After watching I asked my friends, and other people I found interesting, if I could photograph them. I did a lot of that, and I still do from time to time.

My gear:
Camera: Canon 5D Mark III, Sony RX100 and iPhone 5S. Lenses: Canon 14mm, 24-70mm, and 100mm macro.
Flashes: 5x Paul C. Buff Einstein E640 and 1x Canon speedlite 580 EX II.